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Nov 04 2016

On The Verge: The Weekend in View

Written By Chris Hoskins

After what’s felt like an eternal election season, we’re finally in the homestretch. Battered candidates will soon limp across the finish line in the midst of San Diego Beer Week—timing that couldn’t be more perfect—and we’ll surely be celebrating (or weeping) over a cold pint as the results roll in. Be sure you’ve reserved time to make your voice heard this coming Tuesday, November 8th, and explore ballot questions beforehand to expedite what could be record-breaking lines at the polls. With you civic duty complete, round up some friends and meet us our for a craft beer toast.

Events at this year’s San Diego Beer Week are extensive, celebrating the suds for which our city’s gained national acclaim. Running Friday, November 4th through Thursday, November 13th, you’ll discover events spread throughout San Diego County, and there’s the perfect flavor for every taste and fancy. You can delve deep into the events page to discover and plot your week around participating partners, or stick to some of the clever, close-to-home options we’re excited to experience ourselves. From sausage to cheese and even donut pairings, no meal or snack will be safe from our city’s brewers and artisans.

As you look ahead and mark your calendar, be sure to also note the end of daylight savings this Sunday, November 6th. The only shame in celebrating our city’s specialty is showing up late for the party!

In the Wind

Get Out, Get Active

While Beer Week is cause for some playful indulgence, balance is always our mantra. There’s still plenty of time to register and get involved at one of the many charity-inspired runs taking place locally this weekend, so put your stein aside, lace up those sneakers, and hit the streets (or sand) for good cause.


Support the Arts

Finding balance can mean more than what you put into or do with your body—it’s also what you feed to your soul. There’s no better nourishment than a feast for the eyes, so considering rounding out your weekend by supporting local art. Events and exhibits begin Thursday and run through Sunday.


I look forward to an America which will not be afraid of grace and beauty.

- John F. Kennedy

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